Storage London – All of your goods will be Treated with Care

When you choose to have your goods stored, you are choosing to have your goods Handled By Professionals, all our staff here at Mr Shifter are fully trained in all aspects of moving house and provide removals services and storage for London.

Our team will take a short tour of your current property to decide how best to secure your goods for storage.

All of your goods will be Treated with Care, your furniture will be protected by the same dedicated furniture blankets that we provide as part of our removals services to prevent damage to your goods whilst moving house. All of your boxed goods will be stacked securely to ensure they are level and do not come to any damage whilst in storage in our secure London warehouse.

A well stacked container is both safe and secure. The better the container is stacked the lower the risk of any accident or incidents occurring to your belongings whilst you are moving house.

A storage inventory will be taken at the time the container is loaded to record what is being stored and what it’s current condition is.

We understand you have taken time to invest in your household goods, and this can be expensive and we treat it with the care they deserve, all of your furniture will be protected by our dedicated furniture blankets designed for the Removal and Storage of furniture.

Depending on what removal services you choose we will either provide you with bubble wrap to wrap all of your pictures and Mirrors, these are loaded into our containers securely to reduce any chance of movement during storage in London.

For your high value artwork we will attend and ensure your higher value items are wrapped with our dedicated export wrap ideal for the protection of your high value items.

We will analyse your furniture on an individual basis and decide what the best way to pack your goods before storing them into containers during the moving house process.