Staging your Next EU Move

Untitled 53 - Staging your Next EU Move


When it comes to planning your next European move, we take extra care to make sure each stage of the process is meticulously laid out to ensure the most efficient means of delivery.

Planning your delivery

Firstly once we have an understanding of the volume of your move we will look to consider what vehicle best suits your specific needs.

Route and Method

Do you want your goods straight away, are you flexible on delivery. This can make a big difference on the route and method chosen to plan your next move.

Direct Move

With a direct move, we will need to ensure that the full volume of your move is fully accounted for to make the correct vehicle selection to ensure all your goods are transported in one trip by one vehicle. We will need to account for all overhead costs in your removal quote, these costs include; Vehicle wear, Maintenance, Staff wages, Fuel Costs, Ferry/Transport costs etc. all these costs will be directly reflected in your removal quote. Additionally by selecting the correct vehicle this will optimise the fuel economy keeping the costs to you practical.

Part/Shared loads

If you are flexible with your delivery, we can collate your move to Europe with others looking to move to relatively nearby locations, this will allow us to spread the cost of the overheads amongst everyone involved in the process and can have a significant reduction in the overall cost of your move. We will plan in which order and on which days every bodies deliveries are taking place to ensure the most optimal route for time management and fuel cost. You should be expecting to be paying roughly £4.40 per cubic feet for a shared load.