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Packing Services

Why Choose Mr Shifter (London) Packing Services?

Here at Mr Shifter Removals we understand that while preparing to move home, packing can be the most time consuming and nerve-wracking endeavour.

It is because of this we offer a number of services to help you prepare for your move.

Do you have a removal coming up and need an extra set of hands packing. Call us now to arrange a free removal survey.

Self Pack Option

Ahead of your removal We can arrange one of team members to visit your home to deliver removal boxes, packaging paper and tape as well as bubble wrap for your larger, fragile items and ornaments. We can arrange This to be delivered at a time that suits you.

Fragile Pack Service

All our staff are fully trained to handle your fragile goods. Our staff will visit your property ahead of your removal to handle and pack your fragile items.

Including kitchen crockery, Cutlery, China and glass wear, not to mention artwork, ornaments and glass work including specialised item such as galleons and tiffany glass needed to be packed with flo-pak poly chips.

We will ensure that any glass jars will be wrapped and padded to ensure they are protected from knocking against other items in the box and this will stop them breaking whilst in transit.
Also ensuring there is sufficient padding in the bottom of the box by using scrunched or rolled packing paper to create a soft base to pack on. we will also use void fill with your smaller appliances, these can include toasters, kettles, coffee makers etc. and can avoid any over weighing issues from using a larger box and damage if packed incorrectly.

Full Packing Service

Our staff will attend your property ahead of the removal and as well as packing all of your fragile items. We will pack your loungeware, kitchen, dining room and study areas as well as all your properties bedrooms.

All your belongings will be individually labelled to ensure your content is easily traceable when it arrives at your new home.

On top of the high standard we will treat your fragile goods to, we will take the same due care and attention when packing up the entirety of your goods from your home.

We will use a variety of packing boxes to ensure general day to day clothes, that you will often find in your chest of drawers, wardrobe shelving and in vanity units can be packed and stacked correctly. Additionally, if you have any small children, these will be boxed and packed up with their general toys of a different shapes and sizes.


Tips for using Boxes and Packing Materials


Uses of Small/Short Boxes

These boxes are ideal for boxing of books, files and our general heavy items. If you start looking at the most time consuming part of any packing service which is the packing, firstly look at the kitchen, if you start going through the cupboards and emptying any tins and jars into these small/short boxes.

Be sure that any glass jars will need to be wrapped and padded to ensure they are protected from knocking against other items in the box and this will stop them breaking whilst in transit.

Uses of Medium Boxes

The medium box is particular one of the most versatile boxes we provide to our customers, these can be used from anything from toys, lamps to pots and pans, and even your day to day clothes.
Working on the same process we began using the small boxes with, starting in the kitchen, by using scrunched up packaging paper to form a padded bases, we can begin to wrap and stack our general kitchen items such as plates, and saucers.

Uses of Large/Tall Boxes

Our last set of boxes is the Large and Tall boxes, These are ideal for your larger linen, such as bedding, pillows and cushions from beds and sofas. You can also use other linens such as spare bedding, towels etc. The last items that are effectively packed into Tall boxes is your table and floor standing lamps. As much as they can go on to the removals truck as they are, they can also be unscrewed and boxed to reduce the quantity of loose items we have on the truck to reduce the risk and chance of damage.

Uses of Packaging Paper

When using packaging paper to wrap your glasses and plates, line the bottom of the box with scrunched packing paper to create a padded layer to protect your goods and minimize the overall weight.
When stacking the boxes, ensure plates, and chinaware are stacked vertically against the side of the box to ensure the weight is spread evenly.

Uses of Additional Packing Materials

In addition to packaging paper, we have a variety of other protective materials ideal for the packing and transport of your household goods.
Bubble wrap, the use of bubble wrap is best set aside for the protection of large and delicate items, such as mirrors and pictures to start off with. The best way to have your mirrors and pictures protected in transit is to ensure they are sufficiently wrapped with Bubble wrap. We recommend measuring out twice the length of bubble wrap to what you are protecting. If you are wrapping a 1 metre picture, ensure you have 2 metres of bubble wrap, fold the bubble wrap over so the bubbled side is on the inside of the sheets, then fold this around the front side of the pictures, this will ensure the most fragile part of the pictures is protected from knocks and bumps whilst in transit.

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    Mr Shifter Removals and Storage remains a Family owned and run business since 1982. We are proud that over 95% of our new business comes from our historic reputation and our customers’ recommendation.

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    We pride ourselves on providing an efficient and effective service at competitive rates. All our services are provided with Goods in Transit and Full Liability Cover included.

    We can customise our services to meet your specific needs and timescales. Whether you need to move offices in a short period to reduce down time, or if you need help packing ahead of your move, we are here to help.

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