Everything WRONG with your last move!

Moving home can be a stressful time in anyone’s life, not to mention “that” last time that you moved and everything just went wrong from start to finish.

You vowed to yourself never again, and yet we find ourselves always looking for more space or wanting to reduce our outgoings so the first place people look is the home.

So, What exactly went wrong the last time you moved? This is just designed as a guide and this doesn’t happen to everyone who moves, but 1 or 2 of the below might apply to your last move.


  1. You’d packed everything into Bags


Suitcases, Laundry Bags, Black Bin liners, we’ve seen it all. Now whilst the option to make everything into black bags might seem tempting; they are inexpensive, you can just empty all your clothes straight into them. Not to mention when your mum and dad helped you move last time, you packed everything into bags and it fit in the car great. Okay you had to lay the back seats down flat and take two cars. But everything fit, right?

The rules for professional removals companies is completely different. The reason it worked so well in Mum and Dads car was for that reason, the car had a finite amount of space, you could only stack so high and so wide, so the bags kept themselves in place.

When it comes to professional removals companies using purpose built vans and trucks, the rule is Height! We need to be able to stack your belongs highly and securely so that we can ensure everything can get onto the truck properly. Boxes are great for this, Bags, not so much. They tend to slip and fall and slide, and in some cases split and spill, so all your lovely clothes end up falling down to the floor of the removals truck. Whilst our teams will work hard to ensure they don’t get dirty or damaged there is always a small amount of surface dust that just can’t be avoided.


  1. You didn’t bubble wrap the TV


Their professionals, right? They’ll know how to handle it. It doesn’t matter if we skimp on a bit of bubble wrap to save some money.

£500-£1500.00 the average cost of a household TV in the current market. And for the sake of £10-£20.00 of bubble wrap you are willing to risk that?

Yes our removals teams are professionally trained to handle and secure your TV, however, if you are interested in making sure that your TV not to mention your pictures and mirrors are actually covered under our insurance for the time they are in our possession and in transit, then they will need to be Bubble wrapped! No wrap, No insurance. The rules are very clear on this one.


  1. You Left your lamps as they were


This ones happens far to often, people leave their standing lamps and side lamps as they were and just expect the removals men to take them as such. This is a sure fire way for them to get damaged in transit and for the insurance to do nothing about it.

Firstly, Lampshades are made of a paper thin material that if it gets knocked or tapped is irreversibly damaged. And you can try and bend them back into shape, but those cracks are always going to be there.

You should unscrew all your lampshades, boxes them up together in a large box and make sure they are well labelled. That way our team can make sure to keep these high in transit so that nothing is stacked on top of them.

Even the lamp bases themselves should be boxed up, smaller side lamps can be bubble wrapped and fit straight into a large box. And, Standing lamps often unscrew and fold down into a collapsed shape so they can also be boxed up.

Three boxes, but money and tears saved from the heart ache of dealing with the damages.


  1. You left everything in the Freezer


Not only is this a health and safety risk as it adds to the overall weight of the freezer making it difficult to handle and increasing the risk of injury. It also increases the chances of the freezer knocking into walls as the team attempt to control the weight of it.

As well as this if the freezer isn’t empty, chances are it isn’t defrosted. And If that is the case it will end up defrosting in transit and all of our goods could arrive damp from this added moisture in the truck.


  1. You didn’t wrap your fragile items


It’s only a few miles, they’ll only be in the back of the moving van there isn’t anything to worry about right?

Distance doesn’t matter, anything can happen in the back of the moving van if your goods aren’t packed properly. As soon as box of plates and bowls is picked up and they aren’t wrapped, movement is generated and the move space for movement in the box, the increase in the likelihood that they plates and bowls can knock into and end up breaking.


  1. You Paid for Parking fines at both ends


It sounds silly but, most councils given more that 10 days notice can arrange a parking suspension or dispensation for your removals vehicle to park for the day to make accessing the property easier for loading/unloading. If you haven’t done this ahead of time you will either be presented with paying the cost of the parking fines for the crew to park as close to the property as possible. Or, be charged an additionally fee by the removal company for them needing to park the vehicle further away to avoid parking charges but increasing the amount of time it takes to load due to the long carry that has been added.


  1. You didn’t hire a professional removals company


This sounds self-fulfilling but, so many people still choose to save a bit of money by hiring a man and van outfit. They aren’t always as experienced and handling your goods with care. They don’t have to have insurance as standard. They are working by the hour so have no commitment to get you out of a property by a certain time or into the new one in a timely manner. So you could be hit by one LONG, uninsured, careless, stressful day if you try to save a few extra pennies.