The most cost effective method for moves to The Netherlands

Screenshot 1 - The most cost effective method for moves to The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a beautiful country with diverse countryside and city life. From Bruges to Amsterdam there is so much to explore and every town is a mix of historic and contemporary architecture.

As soon as you start to explore a new town, the dynamic variety of lifestyle, and architecture instantly hits you. Additionally The Netherlands is famous for its greener approach to community with many inner towns and cities opting for transport via Bicycle than standard emission
releasing cars and motorbikes.

We recently had the opportunity for one our team to deliver a small separate load from England to Leiden, NL. Due to the nature of the move, our client had very few large furniture items that were to be moved to his new home. Once we had this information, we were able to work with
the client directly to come up with the most cost effective method for him to receive his goods directly.

We operate a fleet of LGV and Medium size Vans to suite any purpose. In this instance our client only needed the equivalent volume of a 4 metre LWB van. This is one of the many benefits of his move, the smaller vehicle reduces the overhead costs for ferry crossings as well as drastically reducing the fuel requirement needed to make the journey.

Our drivers maintain a 9-hour driving period on any given day, this is how we began to calculate roughly when our client could expect to receive his goods. Once in Europe we were able to liaise directly with our client to update him on a realistic time of arrival at his new home.