What is Containerised Storage?

For over 100 years, the removals and storage industry has been using containerised storage as the principal means of collecting, storing and delivering their clients items for long and short term storage periods. But what is containerised storage?


storage containers - What is Containerised Storage?


There are 2 types of wooden containerised storage used in the removals and storage industry.

Both are based on a wooden crate that is climped onto a palletised base.

The first is used widely throughout the removals and storage industry as is based on the dimension to house a 250 cubic feet space, a standard 7.5 tonne removals truck can be set up to hold 3 of these containers, whilst larger trucks can house between 5-6 containers on one journey. Special trailers can be added that can carry an additional 1-2 containers for larger moves and longer journeys.

The second type of container is of wider dimensions and can house up to 300 cubic feet of space, these are prominently used by Pickfords removals and storage as well as a few other removals companies. The benefit of these containers is they house slightly more per container and fewer are loaded onto a removals truck, reduces the risk of a load being overloaded. The drawback is that fewer containers can be loaded onto a given removals truck and therefore may required further trips to deliver/collect all the goods necessary.

The purpose of this design is to allow the containers to be loaded wholly onto a purpose built removals trucks without needing to decant the content. The benefit of this is that the need for human contact with the content of the container is reduced and therefore reduces the possibility of human error or damage occurring.

We believe that containerised storage is the most secure way to store your household belongings, due to the reduction in the number of times the goods will need to be handled, and therefore reduces the chance of damages occurring, and that the goods are always kept, in dry, safe, secure warehouse that are monitored 24/7.