Our Top 5 Tips for Packing for Your next Move

Moving home can be a stressful process. Between notifying Utility companies, Cleaning your home, Booking a removals company and still finding time to pack, the process can be overwhelming.

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We have put together a few helpful tips for preparing for your move;

1. Packing Supplies

The key to having a straight forward move is all down to the preperation. The better your goods are packed and boxed up, the easier this will make the loading for your removals company.

You will need a selection of Small, Medium and Large boxes. We recommend using only double corrugated cardboard boxes, These will be large enough to hold your belongings and strong enough that they can be stacked easily by your removals company to save space.

Traditionally Supermarkets and Pharmacies have been a great source of free boxes. Nowadays with more and more people moving on a regular basis, sites such as gumtree, eBay Local and Shpock are advertising high quality previously owned removals boxes. High quality boxes can be used a number of times to save money.

You will also need; strong packing tape, Bubble wrap, packing paper, marker pens. Packing paper is readily available from most removals companies and storage facilities, it is ideal for packing your china and fragile kitchenwares. Bubble Wrap is best used on your larger fragile items that are not sufficiently protected by packing paper.

2. Start Early

When it comes to packing, it is never too soon to start. When you know your moving date is starting to take shape start to pack up any of your items that you will not need until after the move. Seasonal items that you are not using can be packed up and stored ready for the moving day, for instance you will not need Christmas Decorations, Winter coats and jumpers if you are moving in the summer.

3. Declutter One Room at a time

If you are planning to declutter before your move, we recommend working through this room by room. Whilst you are packing, have a bin bag or box close by. As you start to empty cupboards and drawers, make sure to pack and label all the boxes that you want moved, and they set aside everything you want to leave behind. This way when it comes time to take these to the local charity shop or recycling centre, they will be easy to find and identify.

4. Pack Safe

When it comes to packing boxes ready for your removals company, the general rule of thumbs is no box should be heavier than 15 Kilos on average. Rather than attempting to weigh each box after you have packed it, remember this; If you cant lift the box once, how can your removal company be able to lift 50 of them?

5. The “Essentials” Box

Keep one box seperate and well labelled with any items that you will need to find quickly and easily as soon as you move in. This could be as simple as writing the #1 large on each side of the box, or using coloured tape or markers to seperate it from the rest of the boxes.

This box will be helpful for keeping essentials such as, TV remotes, digital TV boxes, Bed and Wardrobe screws etc. Kettles, toasters a few mugs etc. All the last minute items you will want when you hit the ground running when you move in.