To Dismantle or to Remove. What’s the best way to move a wardrobe?


On Friday I met with Mrs Cass and her husband. They are currently living in an 2 bed end of terrace in Hainault.

At the moment they are unsure if their move is going to take place at the end of August or in the weeks to follow. A stressful time especially with the uncertainty. Hopefully we can take some of the stress of by handling the move carefully and considerately.

While we were walking around on my visit I noticed a number of mirrored top furniture items, including a hall table and a set of drawers. I reassured the customer that we would surround the mirrored panels with bubble wrap before moving the from the property to ensure they are protected from start to finish.


In addition to this they also had a 5 door mirrored wardrobe that splits into 3 segments. The customer had initially offered to fully dismantle the entire wardrobe. However after looking at the unit. I suggested that we remove and bubble wrap the doors of the unit and disconnect the segments. Our team would then lift and remove the individual segments as wholes rather than as flat packed panels. Not only does this help the truck load quicker. It also helps keep everything stacked square and secure as well as reducing the amount of loose items being held on the van, that could lead to an accident.