Taking on a new project and breathing new life into an old house!


This afternoon I met with Mrs Roxanne. She and her husband are currently living in This 2 bedroom house in Welling. They have now found a New property in Sidcup that though it needs some work doing they absolutely love and are looking forward to working on and rejuvenating.

What they want us to do is clear their current property and move the entirety of it over to the new house. In the mean time while they are having the work done they are planning on moving in with his family until it is ready to be lived in.

As the property will be having work done I have suggested the use of pallets and dust sheets that we could make available for them to protect their belongings while they are stood there.

There are a few items they want dropped to their families house also in Welling on the day just to help the get their living arrangements sorted.