Long Distance Removal Services in Manor Park

As part of our business, we need to ensure that we are able to offer our removals services to all of our clients no matter what their circumstances are.

Our latest client finds themselves looking to relocate out of London and up to East Harling, Norfolk. People choose to move long distance for many reasons. Some find themselves with a job offer in a new town or city that they cannot refuse and choose to move themselves and their life to be closer to where they are going to be the most successful.

For others, its the opportunity to be closer to family that creates a massive incentive to move away from London, this is particularly popular with new parents, as it can be a daunting prospect raising a new-born all the while trying to keep down a steady job, and having the grand-parents practically on the doorstep can take a massive weight off of their shoulders and give them more time to focus on providing for their family and spending time with their family instead of spending hundreds on day care facilities.


The Customer


For our client, it was simply a change in circumstances and a new environment that motivated them to move out to Norfolk. The greener pastures are in abundance in Norfolk and can really help anyone enjoy their later years as they approach retirement.

Amongst the usual goods you expect to find in a 3 bedroom house, our clients specialised in furniture restoration and repair as a side project, and as such had no more than 2 lathes in his garage as well as a host of other equipment to pack out his workstations.

As the move will be taking place over long distance, we will need to ensure we are making adequate arrangements with the customer to minimise any unnecessary waiting periods. Traditionally in these circumstances we arrange the move in one of 2 ways.

The first would be to load the property on the day of completion, ensuring that the property was fully cleared by lunchtime to ensure the new owners can move in without a hitch. We would then begin our journey to the new property, this will allow they keys and monies to be exchanged on the new property while we are in transit and will mean that we are able to unload when we arrive the next morning first thing. This works best for journeys where we are travelling for more than 200 miles.

Alternatively for smaller journeys, (less than 200 miles). We would arrange for the property to be fully packed and loaded the day before the move, and then a removal truck would then be brought back to our secure storage warehouse and kept securely overnight. We would then despatch the team to the delivery address, ready to arrive for around midday, to allow us the earliest possible start for unloading into your new home.