In London a 25 yard walk can add 3-4 hours to moving house!

For a professional removal services, the need for good property access on moving day is vital. It can be the difference between moving house being a stress free experience of a terrible ordeal.

The reason behind needing good parking arrangements is the difference in time it can take to transports your goods over a distance. A typical 3 bedroom house moving project, if loaded over a 25 yards walk can add 3-4 hours to the entire removals services.

Below we have provided a few hints and tips on how best to prepare your property for moving house.

Your first step should be to Contact your Local Council by getting in contact with them directly and explaining the situation ,your local council will be able to advise how to proceed next. In most streets removals are only a weekly/monthly occurrence so will not cause too many inconveniences to your neighbours whilst moving house.

Your local council will be able to arrange either a full suspension or a dispensation for your removal, you will likely need between 2-5 vehicle bays to accommodate the removals truck, your moving company will be able to advise you what you will need.

If you live in an area where parking suspensions are not possible, we recommend that you Talk to your Neighbours, once you have informed them that you are moving house they will be able to plan their journeys for that day accordingly. Additionally they may be available on the day of your move to help you reserve the bays outside your property to be able to move at a moments notice when the moving company arrives.

If you live in a high commuting area, there may be cars and vehicles on your street that are not owned by residents of the area. In this instance we recommend that you, Notify Drivers of your impending move as well. Especially any cars that frequent your street often. Even a small note on their windshield explaining your move will go along way to helping.


Lastly, Use What you have, This can sounds obvious but a small amount of diligence the night before can make for a smooth arrival on the morning of your move.

By parking any cars or vehicles you have available as well as the use of waste bins to section of where your removal truck will need to park will make it clear to your neighbors that you are needing these bays for a specific reason.