Getting up in the loft and packing Fragile goods!


This morning I went out to see Mr Goshawk, aside from being greeted by the scent of a very nice Bacon sandwich, I got to have a look around their property currently in the South area of Woolwich bordering with Charlton.

They are currently living in a one bedroom flat at the top of this block of flats, being at the top means they do benefit from the additional storage space available in the loft. Whilst they were initially concerned with the amount they had in their loft, I had a quick look up in the loft to account for any additional space needed for the removal, and found that though it was quite well stacked, because it was close to the hatch it felt like more that it actually was:

Mr Goshawk was interested in having a professional team pack the fragile at the property, once I gave him an initial indication of the cost, he was much more reassure with our service and even inquired about the potential of a full packing service.

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