De-cluttering before you move!



This afternoon I went out to see a previous Client in Gravesend, we originally moved her last year from near the Fulham area, on the west side of London. She has now had her second child and has managed to keep hold of most of the removal boxes we used last year to pack her home for her. Amongst the 3 floor town house style property there is also a wide basement under the property with 3 decent sized rooms.

They are looking to move again this year to another 4 bedroom house, close by in the Gravensend area. Last year one of the difficulties we faced was the unusual vehicle access outside the front of the property. The entire front of the property and the 3 surrounding houses was completely paved and pedestrianized (as pictured below), this left the only vehicle access available to us to be through a narrow street at the rear of the property, The team were able to tuck the van tightly into the gap and were able to begin unloading.imageThis year our customer is interested in having us complete the packing service, though they may instead use the boxes from before to pack for themselves and use the time and short distance they are moving as a chance to de-clutter their property.