Commercial School Relocation services in West Ealing

Over the past 3 years we have had the privilege to work closely with Ealing council to assist them in coordinating their relocation services for their network of schools.

As the population of London continues to expand, this has an immediate effect on their education services. Traditional classrooms begin to become over populated as teachers feel the need to ensure that the majority of their applicants receive a place to ensure and good education.

In a bid to aid with this, Ealing Council have responded by investing in the education system, providing them with need class room equipment and facilities, as well as in some cases either redeveloping or constructing completely new education facilities.

To help optimise the amount of space that the children have to support a healthy learning environment whilst also being able to minimise the volume of land they require, the council are moving away from the traditional ground floor class room system for the school and moving towards a multi-storey school building.

This October we will be helping with the relocation of the St John’s primary school building. They have completed construction in their new building and we will have the period of 1 week to have the entirety of the school transported over to their new education facility ready for the children to attend school following the half term break.

We will need to ensure that our teams work efficiently and communicate properly to ensure all the correct equipment is moved and set up correctly for the teachers.