Check out this Huge Skyscraper with a Removal from the 13th Floor


What a skyscraper. This block of apartments has over 15 floors of living space. This was where my first appointment was this morning. I got a call from Mr W. He and his wife have a young boy and they have outgrown their flat in Shadwell and are looking to move into a new house in Elm Park, I suggested it would be best for me to visit the property to have a look at what needs to be moved and what the access is like. There is a fair bit to do and they are looking to move the Tuesday after next. I would likely recommend starting to load this on the Monday to reduce the work needed on the day of completition and allowing the whole process to go a lot smoother. They are happy to do the packing themselves and are just looking for us to provide them with packing materials.

My next appointment was for Mrs C and her husband. I was contacted as they are looking for a complete removal service as they are moving down to retirement flats in Truro. There is just over half a day's worth of packing to be done as well as a van load to be taken to a local charity store. At the destination we will make sure they are taken care off and unpack as much as we can for them to settle into their new home.

This afternoon I have spent around Greenwich and Charlton.


The first of which was down St Alefe passage This beautiful little row of town houses over looking the church grounds. Mr M and his wife are moving next Saturday so need to know what their options are. With time so short and a toddler to care for. I have provided them with different options for us to pack for them. To help take of some of the pressure from the removal.


My last one of the day is in Charlton. I recently moved some family of theirs and they were so impressed with the service they passed on our recommendation.

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