5 Tips for Good Parking in London

Good Parking arrangements can make or break a successful removal, it can mean the matter of hours to unload your furniture truck into your new home if we need to park a good distance from your new home.

Removals London - 5 Tips for Better Parking

It is best to get parking prepared as soon as you begin to agree a date in principal, Your removal company will be able to notify you of roughly how many vehicle spaces you will need outside your home. If you work with you buyers and vendors you will be able to work together to make parking arrangements at each end. It is likely that your vendors will be moving out of their home on the same day that you intend to move in, so they will also need good parking available for their removal company to help them move out, if you notify them in a good amount of time they may be able to make arrangements for the spaces to be vacant during the day of the move.

Terraced and high street properties can provide some of the most difficult parking arrangements and will likely need a parking dispensation or a bay suspension to reserve the bays.

We do understand that it is not always possible to arrange good parking in some situations, However with most London parking spots it is possible to arrange parking as close to the property as possible. This will avoid any delays of additional costs for loading or expensive parking fines that could arise from poor parking.

To help you get the most of arranging parking, Below are a few hints and tips on how to arrange good parking for your day:

Contact your Local Council

The early you start the process the easier everything will progress, Start by getting in contact with you local borough and let them know what you are planning. In many streets removals can only be a weekly/monthly occurrence so do not cause any major disruptions to your neighbours.


Your local borough will be able to help arrange a dispensation or bay suspension for you to help with your move, Depending on the size of your removal, you will more than likely need between 2-5 car bays.

When contacting your local council, feel free to use our email template:


I would like to request the suspension of parking spaces outside my property at{your address}.

I will be moving house/flat on{moving date/time} and require approximately two car lengths of space to allow my removal company sufficient access to the above property.

Please contact me to let me know to proceed.


{your name}


Talk to your Neighbours

If you live in a street without parking restrictions it is a good idea to speak to all your neighbours and let them know when you are moving.

They may be in a position to help you on the day and reserve their spot to ensure you will have sufficient parking for your move. Alternatively it gives them the opportunity to park elsewhere to avoid getting stuck on the day of your move.

Notify Drivers

Again if you live in a street with unrestricted parking it may be the case that the drivers parked on your street may not be local. In this instance it is a good idea to notify these drivers of your impending move as well.

Especially any cars that frequent your street often. Even a small note on their windshield explaining your move will go along way to helping. Often in areas of unrestricted parking, motorists will frequently use the parking spaces available to commute quickly into town or any close rail and train stations.

Notify 3rd Parties

If you live in a flat or apartment block, there is a strong possibility that your building has a concierge or desk staff. They may specific protocols or special arrangements when it comes to arranging your removal as well.

In both instances they may also be able to assist with parking by ensuring the correct bay is available for use on the  day. As well as other considerations such as being able to isolate the elevator.

Use What you have

This sounds obvious but a small amount of diligence the night before can make for a smooth arrival on the morning of your move.

By parking any cars or vehicles you have available as well as the use of waste bins to section of where your removal truck will need to park will make it clear to your neighbours that you are needing these bays for a specific reason.

London borough parking information

Here is a list of the boroughs in London so you can get information on the fees when applying for a parking suspension in each London borough and apply online.