3 Questions to Ask When Planning a Long Distance Removal

This morning I have been out to do a survey for Mr. B. He is currently living out in North Weald just on the out skirts of the M25.


He and his wife have a new born and they are currently living in a one bedroom ground floor flat. They are planning to move out to a new house in Bristol. There are a few things that I need to bear in mind when planning this removal.

1. How much of the property they are planning a removal to Bristol?

Given the distance this removal is travelling it is vital that we have an accurate idea of what exactly is being moved. Removals nationwide need to be handled in one trip. There is nothing worse that preparing for a move and hearing that not everything can go with you. Make sure you have a proffessional survey visit your property. Ask him will everything make it in one trip? What size vehicle will it be? What happens if it is larger than what it has been quoted for? Ask these questions of your survey so you have piece of mind, knowing that you have a removal company's assurance they can handle your move.

2. How long will the removal take?

Of course with any removal we expect to be expecting keys to the new property by midday. But given that this distance what time do we expect to get there. You don't want to be arriving at your new home only to find out that your removal company are still there working until 10 o'clock at night. Ask them, how long will it take to load? What time will you be starting in the morning? What time do you expect to be arriving at the new home? This is your move, ask these questions now so you know on moving day you know what to expect.

3. Will all my furniture be able to be taken as it is?

In Mr. B's case he has a sofa, bed, cot, desk and side board that were all assembled at their current home. A proffessional survey will be able to advise you if all  of this needs to be dismantled and re-erected again. In this case only the bed and cot will need to be dismantled and we have agreed with him to handle this. His sofa is a standard 2 seater size and his side board is long in width but short in depth and height, making both of these easy to manoeuvre though halls and door ways. Equally the desk has a large amount of empty space underneath it meaning we will be able to guide it through door ways and passage ways on its side.