Removal in Victoria Park to Northumberland

Yesterday we have 3 teams working across East London.


Our first team is working just above the gorgeous Victoria Park near Bethnal Green, we have a lovely customer that is returning to his northern roots. Having lived down in London he got in contacted with Mr Shifter to look for an estimate to take his belongings back up north until he had found a suitable new home.


Having found a great deal on a storage barn, he got in contact initial to get an idea of costs. We dispatched our surveyor to his property to understand more about his move.


Whilst our surveyor was there, we found out more about where the client was going to and what he was taking with him. Understanding that he was looking to store his belongings for a number of weeks, we first discuss with him the idea of lending a number of wooden pallets to him to allow his belongings to be stored above the harsh terrain of the barn floor.


Additionally with a couple of his belongings being cloth based furniture, we suggested that when we attended to load his removal, preparing these items in paper blankets to help protect the from the elements and dust and debris while they were stored in the warehouse.


To seal the deal, we need only mention our Middlesbrough depot and the advantage of cost this benefited us with, being able to provide an amazingly competitive quote that the customer was more than pleased with. Good luck with your new home search.