Out surveying in Enfield ready for a removal to Barnet!


This evening I popped out to visit a potential customer looking for a removal in Enfield. They are currently living in a two bedroom flat in the area. They have finally found a house in Barnet they are keen to complete on, They were looking at another property 6 months ago, and in all the time between their offer and their surveys, their buyer fell through and they had to begin the whole process again.

They are very keen to get on with things now, and even if they are let down by their seller they are sticking with the move and may consider storage to ensure they have successful completion with their buyers and thus taking themselves out of the chain.

$ 86 - Out surveying in Enfield ready for a removal to Barnet!

Amongst their modest belongings, they have good quality Lounge and bedroom furniture, including a sliding door wardrobe from Fishpools that they are planning on having stripped independently given the level of difficulty involved in its assembly.

This can in some cases help us as it allows us to focus on the process of removal and not get tidied up with being involved in its dismantling and re-erecting which can be time consuming.