Moving a former builder and his converted workshop!


This morning I went to visit Mr and Mrs Horrace, they are currently living in a 3 bedroom bungalow with a converted loft. They have a modest amount in the house, included a few little bits in the eaves that Mr Horrace converted himself. aside from this, there is also a vast amount in the garden to accommodate for.

Mr Horrace was previously a general tradesman and builder, though was forced to retire due to injury. He has a substantial amount of tool and woodwork in his 3 sheds as well as units and work benches to be loaded and moved with him.

He is hoping to have most of it Thinned down and all boxed up and ready to move. They are both happy to pack if we provide them with enough materials and we will help them with the wardrobes and on the day by bring wardrobe boxes with us.