London Storage Handled by Professionals

At Mr Shifter Removals we provide containerised storage that is managed for you at our London Storage warehouse, we provide 250 Cubic feet palletised storage containers that are an easy low cost option for short or long term storage needs where you need little to no access.


storage containers - London Storage Handled by Professionals



Many of our Removals in London have benefited from the flexibility of having our London Storage warehouse so close by, when our customers plan their house moves they often hope that everything they are taking with them will suit or have a place at their new home, this is not always the case. Which is why our professionally trained removals team ensuring to keep in constant dialogue during the move to ensure our customers are getting the best possible services.

By bring your goods in to our London Storage this provides you with a low cost option until your home is ready to receive your goods and belongings, All your furniture will be professionally wrapped by our dedicated removals blankets that are designed and used throughout the removals and storage industry, We will ensure that when your goods are being stacked into containers that our team will ensure are not over stacked which could be harmful to your goods whilst in storage and present a health and safety risk if the container is over stacked in a specific area.

Our London Storage warehouse benefits from 24 hour on-site security, is manned from 08:00-18:00 Monday to Friday, and is only accessible by one of our key holders. Should you need us to, our team can provide a collection for your removals in London.