Handling a 5 bedroom removal to Horsham

My first appointment this morning I found myself in the stunning suburban area of Palmers Green.


I was visiting Mr C, he and his family are expanding and have found a 7 bedroom property in Horsham. Our customers was interested in us taking all the pressure off and open to whatever advice we had to make his removal as smooth as possible. Amongst his request he did want his artwork handled with care. I recommend bubble wrapping all small framed artwork and then boxing them. And then to protect the larger artworks adding piece of mind with corrugated paper blankets.

It may have started to rain by the time I arrived at my next appointments in Manor Park in east London, but I wasn't going to let that bring me down.


My first one in Manor Park was with Mrs K, she and her family are currently living in a 2 bedroom flat and are very fortunate enough to be able to buy a house on the same street. They are not removing their sofas but apart from that the removal is quite simply a few hours to get them loaded and moved with be enough to handle this.

My next one was a few streets away with Mr D. He and his family have found a new property in Ilford to move into. They have moved before and really found a full packing service a blessing so has asked the same of us. He understood the removal process quite well and knew that we would need to attend the day before to complete the packing and on the day would ideally look to finish loading by around midday.


My next appointment took me west to South Tottenham, I met with Mr P who is part of the salvation army. He is currently going to be moving with the Salvation Army down to Redhill. He has a small 3 bedroom terraced and is moving into a furnished property. There will still be some furniture he is moving with him as well as all of his personal effects.


In the afternoon I headed further west to a block of flats just off of the iconic Abbey road. Mr R, his wife and child are moving to a larger flat in Stanmore for them to expand their family and living space. They are interested in packing costs as ideally they would like this to be fully handled by us. Though are flexible in helping all depending on the cost. They

My last appointment this afternoon was in the Enfield area with Mr S he is moving his rent flat and his belongings closer to his family up in Leicestershire. He has found a lovely 3 bedroom terraced and is happy to do the packing himself. Though he understands it may be a long day with his large record collection.

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