Demonstrating how to pack fragile goods effectively!

imageThis afternoon I met with Mr Keane, he and his wife are currently living in this 3 bedroom home in Barking, they are planning a removal down to Holland-on-sea. They are planning on down sizing to a smaller bungalow, it is just the two of them living there now and their children have moved out and made lives for themselves and the task of maintaining this house is becoming too large of a project to maintain.

Amongst their belongings they have a black gloss glass tv cabinet, As this can be difficult to protect in transit if not secured properly I have assured out customer we will bubble wrap this before removing it from the property.

Aside from this, I also talked them through the most effective way to pack their China and dinnerware, as using bubble wrap on every single item of china can become expensive, and time consuming. The most effective way of packing fragiles is to reserve bubble wrap for any fragile items too large or too heavy to be packed in packing paper: