Office Removals London

Here at Mr Shifter we understand the importance of commercial removals and the importance to your business. Having down-time when moving offices can obviously have a huge impact on customer service and sales.

Mr Shifter has over 30 years experience in commercial removals. Having worked for many different companies we understand what it takes to move your commercial goods safely and securely to your new premises.

When conducting commercial removals we will provide you with one of our commercial moving specialists who will organise and manage your move, helping to arrange your commercial removal from start to finish. This will ensure a move that will minimise any disruption to the day to day running of your business.

Before the Move

Ahead of your move, there are a few things that you can do to reduce the pressure on moving day.

Whilst packing your goods, ensure that you have a thorough clear out of your cupboards and consider disposing or recycling anything that you no longer need, this will mean that when you arrive at your new office, you have brought everything with you that need to make a fresh start. Any official documents will need to be kept for a minimum of 5 years before they can be disposed off, when you are planning to dispose of your official documents, ensure these are destroyed professionally, as they contain confidential and personal information they should be shredded before being disposed of to reduce the risk of information being stolen. Alternatively, for documents that will need to remain on file, though you wish to declutter from your new office, we have a range of storage options available to help you.

Label your boxes, and ensure that you have an emergency box with all the essential items that you will need to be able to locate quickly once at the new address, consider taking this box with you on the day and also ensure that any important documents and forms of identification are kept with you on moving day. When labelling the boxes, consider numbering them in terms of urgency, this will allow you to unpack the items needed to begin smooth operations in your new office.

When packing your goods, ensuring you use the correct amount of packing material and void fill to protect your goods whilst they are in transit, many modern offices have a numerous quantity of desktop computers, these should be bubble wrapped generously, including the monitor and the desktop tower itself to ensure they are adequately protected in transit. When disconnecting cables from the computers, ensure that all the cables removed from each computer are packed with the relevant desktop tower, this will ensure quick and smooth set up when you arrive at the new office.

Ensure your IT equipment is dismantled and packed appropriately
Arrange to have your post redirected
Transfer your phone number
Notify all business associates of your move
Dispose of or recycle old possessions
Ensure we have easy access at your current property and one your moving to
Aquire a floor plan of your new offices for the removals team
Ensure all packing is complete and the boxes are labelled correctly
Ensure all personal possessions are stored safely
Double-check you are going to have access to the new premises
Update Companies House, HMRC etc.

On the Day

On the day of the move, Greet your removals team when they arrive and take a quick tour of your current office with them, highlight to them everything that needs to be removed from the property and ensure they are aware if anything is not to be taken from the property.

During this quick tour our removals team will inform you of any issues they foresee during the collection process, this may be a simple matter of tight access for certain goods, or furniture that may need to be dismantled to be removed effectively. This is for your benefit as well as ours to ensure there are no issues later in the day.

Our team will begin by removing the full goods and content from one area, once this is complete, this will give you an opportunity to have a quick clear and clean of this room to leave it in good repair for its new occupants. Once the property has been fully emptied, our team will invite you to take a quick walk around of the collection address and ensure that everything you needed collected is loaded.

Once our team arrive at the new property we will begin in the way that we did at the collection address and take a short tour of the new property, this will be to introduce us to the layout of the property and understand where you goods will be delivered to at your new home. Our team will deliver the goods as they were collected from your previous address, and if you do need any items placed in new locations, let our team know this and they will make the necessary adjustments.

Once the truck has been fully unloaded, our team will invite you to inspect the back of the truck to ensure everything has been unloaded and that no goods are left on the truck.

Before we leave, our team will re-erect and re-connect any goods that we have dismantled, unless otherwise stated and instructed.

Our Removals Fleet

Here at Mr Shifter we have a wide range of purpose built removal trucks to carry out your move in and around London. Specially designed for the loading and transport your furniture and goods. We have a wide variety of size trucks for your move, and they are adaptable to most common property accesses, all our removal trucks are fitted with ply-bars to ensure that your fittings and fixtures can be fastened off to protect them from movement in transit.

In addition our trucks are fitted with the capacity to hold, transport and handle your goods into storage. We are able to load our purpose built storage containers directly onto our removals trucks, load and unload the content at your property to reduce the frequency in which your goods are handled that could lead to damage.

For those smaller jobs around town, our fleet include a variety of medium vans to handle everything from a single/multi item to a part load removal, we can support your move. This is ideal for those commercial moves looking for multi-drop deliveries handled by professionals.

We can even offer cost effective options for small long distance removals.

All domestic removals are charged by the hour or at a fixed price, though this depends on the number of staff and the time it takes to complete your move.

Prices are plus VAT and fees are payable by cash, credit or debit card.