Check out our boys working in Wanstead on Thursday


On Thursday our team move a couple from a first floor Massoinette to a small terraced house in Wanstead. I had originally been out to see the couple a number of months before. A few things that we discussed was the possibility of a large sliding wardrobe and a bed that needed to be dismantled and reassembled, and in addition to this they had a number of fragile items and artworks on top of their usually kitchen items. So they had also requested a fragile packing service that we attended the day before.


We had discussed with our customer about working the fragile service around work we had on from that day. We attended in the afternoon and made quick work on the kitchen. It is always important to ensure there is enough padding on the bottom and tops of the boxes. We recommend roughly 2-3 inches of packing paper rolled into tubes to line the tops and bottoms on the boxes. Also ensure that any gaps between items are protected by tubes of packing paper as well. Use the same method for packing larger fragile items in boxes, though to wrap the items themselves we recommend that these are protected in bubble wrap for maximum protection.

Our boys were swiftly loaded at the delivery address and made quick work of unloading when we arrived in Wanstead. They had found a beautiful side street in Wanstead. And though parking was restricted we were fortunate enough to not be holding anyone up during the day and we're quickly unloaded and left our customers to enjoy the rest of the sunny afternoon.

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