Allowing for Personal goods in Small domestic moves!

imageThis morning I went to see Mrs Debbie, she is currently living at the top of Debden in a 2 bedroom house (pictured above). She is looking a removal for her, her husband and her two teenagers boys to a new home up to Harlow. They are planning a move for this coming Friday.

I had originally spoken to Debbie on the phone and had a quick run through of what she is looking to move and from our conversations I understood she was not taking that much furniture with her, however there was a large amount of personal goods to be boxed, and moved. I tried to accommodate for a reasonable amount of boxes given the property size and allowing enough surplus space on a removal vehicle if there was more that I estimated.

moving out 1 - Allowing for Personal goods in Small domestic moves!

I recently visited the property and was shocked at the difference in what we had allowed from what we had discussed. The deciding factor based on what we discussed was the volume of personal goods to be removed both from the Loft and also in addition that volume from the Gardenwares as well.