A Typical Example of Removals in London

Our Crews do numerous moves, both locally and national for our customers. Our customers get in contact with us looking for removals companies, not just based in London but with the experience and knowledge of the Capital.

A good example of this is a removal we arranged for one of our customers looking to move from a property she currently owned in Woodford Green to a temporary address in Wanstead. When she initially made contact with us She was looking to move directly into a flat in Wanstead she planned to buy, however due to complications in her chain she had to make alternative arrangements to ensure she did not loose the Sale. At the time of the moving process the customer received some startling news, the property she was currently renting was reaching the end of its tenancy and she was requested to vacate her current home by the end of this week.

When our customer initially got in contact with us, the first fact that really impressed her from her initial interaction was how quickly we responded to her inquiry and our consistent follow up to any of her further queries. Our customer began the process by taking a few minutes to speak with our office team to who she provided a list of the goods she was looking to have moved from the property she was renting. She also let us know about the access at the current property as this was a first floor maisonette and all of her goods would need to be removed from above the ground floor. All of this information was passed to her Surveyor and helped us form an efficient removals plan, and it helped us calculate the overall cost of her removals based on the information she had provided and the size of the property, all this information goes towards helping us calculate how much time and what size crew would be needed for her removals.

Some time had passed between our customers initial interaction and the time she was scheduling her removals for. We were then contacted again by our customer who had confirmed that her removals would definitely be going ahead. As time was of the essence and the client was not able to be available at the property due to her work commitments, we sent out one of our inventory forms, where she made a full inventory of everything she was looking to have moved; because She was both up front and honest with the needs of her moving, including making an note of all the additional services she required. Such as dismantling of 4 beds, a 3 door wardrobe and removing her Tiffany lampshades from her current property.

All of this information that she had provided helped us to fix a price for the removals including the additional services she had mentioned, Dismantling 4 beds and a 3 door wardrobe can be time consuming and it is for this reason that often services such as these are not including in the initial removal services, and items such as Tiffany lampshades are made from a very specific and very delicate style of glass, that needs to be safely transported in a certain way. Items such as these, and additional models such as model galleons are often transported in packing crates filled with Styrofoam poly-chips, this is to help protect all the ornate and small edges and finishing that can often not get fully protected by standard protective materials such as bubble wrap.

On the day, our removals team arrived at her address in Woodford Green to conduct her removals, Due to the amount of dismantling and re-erection services needed to be performed on this removals, we provided a 3 crew man on the removals team to handle the majority of dismantling whilst the other 2 crew men were able to load the property without delay.

Our removals crew would begin the move by beginning to clear our customers goods from the first bedroom, In the first bedroom our removals crew would first lift the mattress from the bed, allowing better access to the bed frame to our 3 crew man, then they would clear the room of any free standing furniture including Chest of Drawers, Dressing tables and desks and All of the boxes and packed goods from the room, This will allow the crew man dismantling the bed frame, the free roam of the room, and reduce the need for constant distractions in the room that could lead to any un-necessary damage that could have been avoided.

Our removals team would continue this process and method on the rooms with the remaining beds, and the remainder of the property, allowing the team to loose no time on the day due to the additional works needed that could delay the time the property would be cleared by and what time they would eventually be leaving the customers delivery address.

When the team would come to dismantle the wardrobe, the first step they would take to safely dismantle the wardrobe to avoid damage, would be to remove the wardrobe doors and hinges from the front panels to stop them from flying open and causing damage. Once the doors are safely detached, the crew would then lower the wardrobe onto its front, on the floor of the room, this would allow the to easily and safely detached the back from the wardrobe without the frame of the wardrobe bowing or receiving un-necessary strain to its overall joints.

With the numerous loose panels that are created by dismantling the furniture, we needed to ensure that when we have the team stacking the removals truck on the day, we would need to ensure that the furniture panels were covered and protected with furniture blanketing and also that the goods were strapped securely to the sides of the truck to ensure that they do not move and fall around the removals truck whilst in transit.

Once the goods from the property were fully loaded our team began the short journey across to wanstead allowing the team to begin swiftly unloading at our customers new address. The team ensure that the furniture that was taken apart was correctly assembled in the correct rooms and also that they were as sturdy and well built as the time that we took them down.

So pleased with the professionalism and the attentive of both our team behind the scenes and our boys on the road on the day, She is looking forward to seeing us again in two months to move her into her permanent new home. We wish her all the best until we see her next.