Our boys doing a great job in Brentwood


Two weeks ago, our boys were out and about delivering to Brentwood. We were moving Mr P and his family from their 3 bedroom terraced house in Walthamstow, to this beautiful detached house in Brentwood.

When i met with Mr P, we discussed a lot about the moving process, it was their first time dealing with a chain and a large furniture removal, and balancing managing work and family responsibilities. To help take the pressure off, we discussed providing additional removal materials to help them pack their belongings and even attended the day before to pack their kitchen and protect their fragiles.

The day went really smoothly and Mark and Mick from our London team took care of Mr P. The boys did such a good job we even received this very personal message from him(below).



Do you have a removal to plan for, If you in Walthamstow or Brentwood call our team for a free estimate.