3 Tips for choosing the right storage for your needs

1.What kind of Storage do you need?

With the increase in Self-Storage units in recent years, many customers are being led into believing this is the only type of storage available.

Self Storage is useful if you need frequent short term access to your items, with Self storage you will like have to handle and deliver your items in person, this will mean you will be liable should anything happen while you are handling them.

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Container storage works best for long term or set period storage where you intend to move into a new property in the future. The Removal company will arrive at your property and load and inventory your containers in your presence, this will ensure you are made aware of each items condition as they are put into storage, as the removal company is handling your items they will be responsible for their care taking the pressure and responsibility off of you.

2. How much Storage do you need?

Most self storage companies have a variety of storage units available for you to rent, however they will depend fully on you evaluation of how much storage you feel you need. If when it comes to storing your goods that you need more storage the self storage company will be in a position where they will only be able to offer you a larger unit if they have it available, otherwise you will need to rent an additional unit.

Removal and Container storage companies will provide a free estimate from one of our surveyors to visit your property and go through an inventory of your items and be able to calculate how much storage you will need from this appointment. This will help provide you with a more accurate budget of how much storage you need. We will also be able to discuss alternative storage options we have available to help store your items efficiently. We can offer, container, racked, palletised of individual item storage.

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3. What security features does the storage unit have?

You have decided to move and store your belongings above insurance you need to be reassured that the facility you are moving your goods to is secure and that nothing will happen to your belongings. Before your move if you are able to visit the property consider visiting and getting answers to these questions.

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Is the property secure and monitored, Are security guards employed, is CCTV used at the premise and monitored, Is the storage internal or external?

What fire prevention is in place, is the property fitted with smoke and fire alarms, are these linked to local services, are sprinklers and fire extinguishers available at the premises, is it a smoking or non-smoking facility?